It’s no secret that it's not just using the best ingredients that make the best pizza.  The passion, love & devotion of the people behind Pizza makes all the difference

Our journey began with a backpack, a camera & a notepad. We didn’t just want to follow the crowd & serve frozen, hand stretched pizza. We wanted to do real pizza. So we set in on our mission to learn more about our favourite food by travelling Italy & beyond.  

After 17 weeks, 5700 miles & 6 stones heavier we were ready to come back & share our secrets!

We use authentic products throughout; flour milled in Naples, tomatoes imported from San Marzano and where possible all our fresh vegetables are grown in Nottingham.

So, the reason we have been voted the best? Well, it's simple - we are devoted to being the best.  We are never really happy, always striving to be better. Each year we travel to Napoli & at least one other country to explore new food, meet our suppliers and remember where i love of Neapolitan pizzas came from.  But none of this would be worth it without seeing the thousands of happy faces we see each week